How Many Sheets will my Binder Hold?


As a ball park guide the following works well:-

No of Sheets of Paper (not sides)
Multiplied by Grammage of Paper (gsm)
Divided by 800
Equals the  Thickness of Paper Stack in mm


Example:- 500 sheets of 80gsm divided by 800  =   50mm

Don’t forget to add in any Dividers to the above. Most card Dividers are 200-300gsm so if we were adding 20 Stock Dividers to the above it would become:-


                    500 x 80 plus 20 x 200  divided by 800  =   55mm

 Papers of the same grammage can vary slightly, but this formula slightly over estimates to be on the safe side.

 However, you should always measure a dummy paper stack of your proposed contents to be absolutely sure, as no formal reliance can be placed on the above.

‘D’ Ring Binders accept their full stated capacity in thickness of paper, ie a 25mm Binder will accept 25mm thickness of paper (approx 250 sheets of 80gsm). Round Ring Binders, due to their mechanism shape, only accept approx 80% of their stated capacity.


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